More on starting an award scroll

Scroll blogging 002

Mostly reprinted from Facebook:

Because it’s important to make sure the name and blazon are correct, after I emailed Master Cormac for a copy of Alexander’s arms, I went to the SCA Ordinary and Armorial to double-check the registered spelling of his name to get the blazon of his arms. This the is link I use: It can be a little tricky to use. If you ever need help with it, let me know. It’s vital to make sure you have the proper spelling and blazon for all awards. I cut and pasted the information from the O&A into a word document. I also went to the Caid Scribes page and got the standard text for an Award of Arms here: and added that to my word doc.

Then I went off to the OP to check the date of the award and to my list of King and Queen’s to get that information, which I also added to my word document. When you ask for an assignment, Dame Richenda will probably give you the date and Royalty when she gives you the assignment information, but you should double-check. If there is a discrepancy, get it figured out before you start.

Going back to my word document with the correct spelling of Alexander’s name, the blazon of his arms, the date of the award and King and Queen plus the standard scroll text, I put it all together. Then I decided I wanted a different opening phrase so I changed that. I played with the text a little bit and right now I’m okay with it. When I start practicing the calligraphy I may change my mind.

Currently the scroll text on the Caid Scribes website does not have the new wording for the achievement of the scroll, so I altered crown of four points about the shield to say helm and simple mantling. Make sure your words and the achievement match!



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