Starting an award scroll

Examples of grisaille

Reposting from Facebook:

Award scrolls almost always start with the assignment.  Because I’m running Kingdom Scriptorium, Dame Richenda (that marvelous woman who is handling the assignment list) has given me a list of assignments that are for Kingdom Scriptorium.  However, when I was going through the list, I found Alexander Kallidokos’ Award of Arms scroll.  I was going to set it up with a template and do the calligraphy and hand it off to someone else to paint, but I noticed his arms are black and white.  I’d been looking at a style called grisaille which is mostly monochrome, shades of grey and black, sometimes with one accent color and thought it would be perfect for a scroll with black and white arms.

I started looking for examples of grisaille work and found some fabulous examples online and in the book “Manuscript Painting at the Court of France” by Francois Avril which are from the “Hours of Jeanne D’Evreux”.  So, I settled on the style I want to do the scroll in.

I got a folder and printed out as many examples as I could find online.  I asked Master Cormac for a copy of Alexander’s arms and added that to my folder.


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