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Armed with ruler, eraser, graph paper, mechanical pencil and copies of style pages, emblazon, capital letter and graphic of Turkish fighters, I’m ready to start my second favorite part of the process:  The layout!  First I decided the scroll is going to be 11 x 14 and I’m going to do it on smooth or vellum finish bristol board.  And it’s going to be portrait style, that is taller than wide.  I took a large piece of graph paper and marked off the outside edge of an 11×14 space.  Then I penciled in margins of 1 inch all the way around, plus 1-1/4 on the bottom.  I blocked out the bottom 2 inches for seals and signatures (expecting the small seals to be ready by the time this is done.)

I made smaller versions of the arms, capital letter and Turkish fighters with my printer/copier (best investment ever for a scribe:  Having a printer that will enlarge and reduce copies of things.)  I could do the same thing scanning pieces and enlarging them with Photoshop, or enlarging them by hand, but this is a big time saver.  Once I got these elements on the graph paper, I realized they needed to be a bit smaller.


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