Personalizing scrolls

So, first off, there is no obligation to personalize a scroll if you don’t want to.  A good period style scroll done the best you can should always be welcome by anyone getting one.  (After all, these are all volunteer efforts.)  But if you do want to personalize a scroll, it’s a fun thing to do.  If the award recipient is a friend of yours,  you may know her favorite colors and favorite flowers, the time and place of her persona and the time she made cabbage soup for a banquet and all these things may end up on the scroll.  If you don’t know the person well or at all, you can check on the Caid Wiki page for information about them:  If they don’t have much of a page, you can ask the Kingdom email list or the Kingdom Facebook page if anyone knows them.  Or try to track them down in person or via email and ask what they would like on their scroll.

Lucky for me, Alexander K is very well-known and turns out to have his own Facebook fan page.  🙂  Through that, I found out that a Saga had been written about him commemorating an epic battle he had with the very god Zeus.

As I wanted to do the an “inhabited” capital letter to start the scroll, this was just perfect. I went online to find a couple of reference photos of Zeus, photos of Alexander and a marginal illustration of a fighter and adapted these for my opening letter:

Alexander's scroll 001

You’ll note a little arrow to the left of the capital letter.  That’s a note to me to move the letter up when I transfer it to the good paper, as I want to be able to start the text next to the capital but not so low down on the page.


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