Tricks of the Trade

Layout for Alexander's AoA scroll

Layout for Alexander’s AoA scroll

I’ve finished the layout for Alexander’s Award of Arms scroll.  I added the scroll-y line across the top and the leaves.  And a little bit of flourish along the bottom.  Plus the Turkish fighters on the bottom.  I had penciled in the capital letter with Zeus on top and the fighter in the middle, but then decided it needed to be closer to the top of the page, so I made a photocopy (and also reduced it about 5%) and then taped it into the spot that I wanted it in. Then I realized that the arms needed to be moved over, so I did the same thing.

I could have erased everything and redrawn it, which I do sometimes, but making a photocopy and positioning it where I wanted, sped the whole process up quite a bit.

The leaves took a bit of messing with and I’m not sure I’m 100% okay with them, but the leaves in the examples I’m following are fairly free-form, so maybe I’ll just move on.

I have a six-inch by six and a half-inch space for the calligraphy.  I’ve cut the words of the scroll down to a minimum and I’m hoping it will all fit.


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