Calligraphy practice

Alexander's scroll 001

I did a quick (and sloppy) run through of the calligraphy for Alexander’s scroll.  (You can see where I smeared my hand through the ink a couple of times.  It wasn’t great paper to practice on and the ink wasn’t drying very fast.)  It was supposed to give me an idea of where to end each line, but it turns out, the pen size I picked is way too small and there will be too much white space at the bottom of the scroll.  I want it to come out with as little left over space as I can.

For practice, I had my paper flat on a table.  When I actually calligraph on my good paper, I’ll put the paper on a slant board.  (I ought to practice on a slant board, but right now, the spot where the slant board lives is rather a mess.  Hopefully I’ll get that cleaned up soon.)

I want to go back and examine my source material for the calligraphy hand a bit more.  I changed the “e” half way through and need to see if there are other letters I can use from the pages I have, that work with my basic blackletter hand.

What I need to do next is find a bigger pen and figure out how far apart the lines should be with that size pen.  Then I’ll run through the entire thing over again.


4 thoughts on “Calligraphy practice

  1. Thank you for doing your blog 😀

  2. I can see where the “e” switched lol 🙂 it looks like you were doing a cross between an uncial and gothic e, and I actually like how it looks. what’s the source for your gothic hand, I think it might be a smidge easier to do than the gothic hand I’ve been doing and I’d like to give it a shot.

  3. alizkye says:

    I think the source is some modern Blackletter version, but I’ve used it long enough that I’ve forgotten where it came from. It’s similiar to the page I posted the other day for Hawke, only the feet mostly end in diamonds. The exemplar I’m following is pretty sloppy too. 🙂 I’ll go slower when I actually do the scroll on paper.

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