More calligraphy practice

Calligraphy practice for Alexander's AoA scroll

Calligraphy practice for Alexander’s AoA scroll

Last night at Kingdom Scriptorium, I practiced the text of Alexander’s scroll, using a larger calligraphy nib.  It took up a little over one line too much.  (And the smaller practice was about 4 lines short).  I really want the calligraphy to fill the space left for it.  So, tonight I redid my practice lines (from leaving less room between the lines and leaving everything else the same.  I also chopped out a few extraneous words like henceforth and that.

I wrote it all tonight in about 40 minutes I guess (I took several breaks).  I’m pretty happy with it now.  It all fits.  A couple of lines need to be a little tighter (see where society and 2nd go over the line?) but that should be pretty easy to adjust and I have a little bit of slop room at the right edge.

I need to practice some of the capital letters a few more times, but I think I’m pretty much ready to do this on the good paper.


2 thoughts on “More calligraphy practice

  1. What hand are you using? It looks great to me! ~ Rayne

  2. alizkye says:

    Thanks. It’s pretty much Aliskye’s blackletter hand. 🙂 It’s not an exact period hand, but I like it and I can do it mostly without stopping to look up letters now.

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