Fun with calligraphy (or something)

Getting calligraphy on the scroll

Getting calligraphy on the scroll

I sat down today to get the calligraphy done on Alexander’s scroll.  I did a little warm up.  First I wrote out “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” which is an old typing pangram.  I wanted to call it an abcdarium but apparently that’s a sentence/series of sentences with all the letters in alphabetical order used as a writing exercise.  A pangram just used all the letters of an alphabet but not in order. Here’s a couple of medieval ones:

Te canit abcelebratque polus rex gazifer hymnis. (O treasure-laden king, the hymn sings of you, and the pole likewise honours you.)

Trans zephyrique globum scandunt tua facta per axem. (Your deeds ascend across the earth and through the realms of the zephyr.)

After that I practiced all the capital letters I needed in the scroll because I often have trouble with those.  I taped a blank practice line sheet to the back of the scroll, measuring from the edges (which might not have been the best method but I guess it worked.) Then I started doing the calligraphy.  Half way into the second line I realized I’d left the second g out of greetings and the v in Ivan was a u, so I started over again.

The second time was much better, though I realized I needed to dip my pen in the ink more often as I was getting some letters much fainter than others.  Afterward I went back and did some embellishments with a crow quill pen.  I’m not sure if that is cheating or not, but it came out more neatly than if I used the edge of my dip pen, so I’m okay with it.   Whatever works. 🙂


Final calligraphy with embellishments

Final calligraphy with embellishments


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