Finishing the layout

My apologies, I’m having computer problems that are preventing me from uploading pictures to WordPress.

Here’s a link to the final layout:!/photo.php?fbid=10152092108845349&set=a.80996840348.77509.673035348&type=1&theater

I used a lightbox to transfer most of the motifs, but noticed the two Turkish fighters were really in the wrong place and I had to erase them and move them over about 1/2 inch. A half-inch doesn’t seem like much and if I’d already starting painting the scroll I wouldn’t have bothered. But in the pencil stage there is still opportunity to make changes. Deciding to making a change at the pencil stage depends in large part on how hard making the change is and the impact on the final result. Something hard to redo that won’t make a big difference, probably isn’t worth the time and effort. Something easy that really shows should be changed. Everything in between needs to be considered. Sometimes, it’s good to put the whole thing down and take a break or not look at it at all until the next day. Sometimes you really need fresh eyes (and sometimes it’s good to get an objective outside opinion).

After I transferred everything, I went back and free-handed some embellishment for areas where the lightbox really only gave me the outside lines.

The next step is painting!


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